About Taxi Treasure Hunts

Taxi Treasure Hunts is part of The London Taxi Company, a company offering various services to the taxi trade and general public.

Taxi Treasure Hunts is a small company offering an unrivalled friendly first class service to its customers, we strive to maintain a high level of service and to give our customers the best possible service that we can.

Our Taxis are among the youngest in London offering high levels of comfort and facilities, all are licensed by the public carriage office and maintained to the highest standards.

Our drivers are among the most knowledgeable in London many are qualified tour guides and have specialist knowledge of London relating to London’s history or specific areas that may be of interest. We also have drivers that have experience and knowledge of areas outside of London enabling us to offer tours not only in London but across the UK.

We have a wealth of experience within the taxi and transport industry dealing with corporate customers, wedding customers to the occasional use cash customer.

If you would like more information about Taxi Treasure Hunts or The London Taxi Company please do not hesitate to contact us.